About Me

Me in Japan“Yup that’s me”

I won’t bore you with the usual lists of software or skills because if you have looked at my projects it’s pretty obvious that I can use Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash. Although my prefered operating system is Windows 7 or 8 I’m also Mac and Linux literate.

Having hand built sites with HTML, CSS and Flash back when 56k and tables were the norm I then moved onto the many HTML5 boilerplates on offer as I felt that they aided in rapid development. Then I moved onto WordPress as it offered far superior CMS options.

Currently I’m in full time employment with Real Russia LTD and work with DNN but in my spare time I like to work with wordpress whenever possible as I find it an amazingly flexible and creative CMS.

Alongside my web skills I also love photography and own a selection of Canon pro lenses, flashes and a full frame DSLR. My time as a professional skateboarder led me to create and publish a book showing various architecture within the UK that people could skateboard. The project took me 2 years to complete and further fueled my passion for photography, it’s still available here on Amazon.